Did you get a deal?

Quite often, when I tell someone that I’ve brought something or that I’ve booked a holiday the first question that comes back is, “Did you get a deal?”. Getting a good deal now seems to take precedence over choice, quality and availability of any purchase, whether it be a house or a weekend in Vienna… Continue reading Did you get a deal?

Whale in the Thames

I arrived back from holiday on Saturday to the headline, “Celebrity Big Blubber”, and despite my dislike of The Sun you have to give credit for a good headline where it’s due. I immediately got on the phone to my brother to fantasise about the most ridiculously politically incorrect solution to the problem of whales… Continue reading Whale in the Thames

Canoeing on the Wye

Last weekends canoeing trip on the Wye was a complete success (Wickbod!). The weather turned up trumps with the sun shining on us from Friday all the way through to Tuesday. Quite a strange occurrence what with it being a bank holiday, I was expecting to spend the whole time gazing out from underneath a… Continue reading Canoeing on the Wye

Wicked holiday in Austria!

We spent last week skiing in both sunshine and snow in the fantastic Alpine resort of Soll, in Austria. Although Mandy and myself travelled alone we met Stuart, Mark and Sarah on the first night at what the Airtours reps described as, “A world famous Bar for complete nutters!”. Exactly, simply a snowy version of… Continue reading Wicked holiday in Austria!

Brussels for New Year

I’ve only really thought about Brussels as the much hated thorn in the side of the tabloid press. A perfect reason to visit the city for New Year. First and foremost there’s Eurostar, the king of trains that teases commuters in south London every morning of the week. It’s bigger, better looking and faster than… Continue reading Brussels for New Year

Back from India

Sitting in the confines of what now seems like our luxurious flat, it’s difficult to try and sum up the last three weeks we’ve spent in India. It has been an eye opening experience, one in which the senses have been overloaded at every corner in an almost overwhelming manner. At three weeks we only… Continue reading Back from India

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