A new role for the Windsors

The concept of celebrity has exploded over the past decade into something of its own industry. Whilst being a footballer or pop star used to allow for a certain amount of star status, now being famous is usually enough to guarantee an individual the position of ‘Celebrity’.

For some this is a handy way to make a living for a couple of years, start by winning Big Brother and use it as a springboard to other stuff, and good luck to them. How we loved Graigs accent, and how we all secretly giggled at Abi’s antics. But if we’re stupid enough to suck it all up then who’s laughing?

However a darker side of the novelty is starting to rear its ugly head. For some the emergence of celebrity now presents a justifiable reason to make a living from appearing in the tabloid press. And as Kate Lawler and Jade Goody satisfy the nations appetite for the girl next door there appears to be some impostors worming their way in.

For the Windsor’s this phenomenon has appeared at just the right time to accompany their next generation of parasites into adulthood, now that the old guard are either too old, lazy or just plain greedy to establish any kind of useful role. So the Windsor’s are re-launching themselves as bona fide celebrities, “No me more charity fetes for me, photos playing polo and swigging vodka red bull are more than enough”.

Having your photo taken is now enough, Williams contrived gap year jaunt to Chile is now classed as his work, and Harry’s obnoxious little face appearing at society parties delights the tabloids and as such maybe qualifies his role as some sort of man about town story fodder.

The worst part of this is that they’re latching onto an environment created predominantly by those that would otherwise have jobs like you and me. Also most celebrities are elected through choice, those with obscene amounts of other peoples cash have the ability to create their own brand of reality celebrity. Clever, in predictably snidey sort of way.

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