Blunkett gets hot under the collar in the Sun

I picked up a copy of the Sun this morning on the train and had a bit of a read. Interesting to see that today David Blunkett actually had his own column to react to the latest hysteria in Britain’s daily dose of racism. Previous Home Secretaries had to wait and see if Murdoch, or what ever newspaper, would be getting behind a new policy or dismissing it as rubbish.

Now he can bypass that whole procedure and use the news international flagship as his own mouthpiece. An extraordinary moment in both politics and printed news, slightly bizarre in a 1984 sort of way.

Poundbury, Prince Charles’s creepy housing experiment in Dorset has been invaded by travellers and their unruly children. One traveller has been quoted as saying, “Prince Charles likes it here and so do we”. Exactly, I hope they never leave, and if they do they should defecate in the post boxes (E:R) and leave stinking rubbish piled up outside the village shop. If Prince Charles had a job like the rest of us he wouldn’t have time to create sinister racially, I mean rurally, pure housing experiments. What a prime specimen.

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