Question time in Miami

I’m watching Question time which this evening is being broadcast from Miami in The United States. It doesn’t work quite so well there as the Audience can’t grasp the concept of one person talking at a time, which is a shame because it’s turned into a barroom shouting match.

It’s a shame to hear the progressive ideals of Micheal Moore, a decent and genuine man, barracked and shouted down by the uncompromising righteous audience. I was really looking forward to seeing a more open minded side of the US that I’m sure exists, the kind exhibited by all the Americans I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting or working with.

Embarrassing that the panellist representing Great Britain is the bumptious prick Richard Littlejohn, lumpen columnist for the racist shit rag, The Sun. To think that there are Americans that will judge our entire nation by the views of this man is frightening to say the least.

Next week Question time is from Lambeth in London, I might see if I can go.

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