Piety Bliar is stuck for words

In keeping with his spineless character, Piety Blair is keeping his gob well and truly shut over the US Presidential election. He has quite rightly faced criticism from John Kerry on his lack of support for the Democrats, a party which Labour should instinctively support.

Piety has manoeuvred himself into an awkward position in not wanting to offend either candidate in case either wins. Easily done when you have no principles.

However if John Kerry succeeds, which I think he will, the new American president will have some embarrassing questions to ask the British Prime Minister. Not least; as the leader of the Labour Party how could you not show support for a progressive, more socially minded US administration at a time when the world needs it most?

Further, why did you remain silent when the rest of your country, and the rest of the sane planet, voiced doubt about the ability of a narrow minded religious bigot to hold the office of the most powerful man in the world?

I find it difficult to explain in words how badly I feel let down.

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