NASA. Nice And Safe Attitude

Taking a break from hot knives, Dean, the permanently stoned raver cum marketing assistant must have had the office in bits when announcing, “Nice And Safe Attitude”.

Somehow, and to this day nobody really knows how, the ponytailed dopehead at the Dreamscape office in Peterborough managed to secure some funding for a ‘Rave couture’ garment project. Nothing could have prepared the guys in the office for the arrival of Deans first attempt at a fashion garment.

“Dean?! What the F**K! Is this!!??. Jesus!!!! I honestly can’t believe what my eye’s are seeing???

And so it went on. Dean, the office stoner, had ordered 2000 black bomber jackets with a 2ft square piece of reflective scotchlite material stitched on the back. On the reflective panel, in 4 inch authentic lettering was the NASA logo. To add insult to injury, underneath were written the immortal words, Nice And Safe Attitude.

“Dean?! Who the hell is going to buy a jacket with Nice And Safe Attitude plastered across the back in reflective lettering?”

As dean faced the sack, the blank look on his gormless spotty face said it all

Most of the jackets are still boxed up in a garage in Spalding, however a handful were eventually flogged at Witham Sunday market. Which is where Charlie persuaded Chris to buy one,

Well done mate. A truly defining moment in Coleman history.

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