Leave those kids alone, Combover

I’m trying to put my finger what I find most offensive about Prince Charles most recent comments regarding young people and ambition.

Initially it was anger towards the use his position as a platform from which to pass comment on our society, one to which he has never made a valid contribution and quite obviously holds in deep contempt. Further reading turned my anger to a pitying amusement because like most royal outbursts, his nasty comments have a habit of turning full circle and biting him on his bony arse.

He questions people who think they are qualified to do things that are beyond their technical capabilities. By people I can only assume that he is referring to the likes of you and I, those unfortunate members of the public who really should accept the downtrodden existence that is the subject. Moreover, what qualifies this man to pass comment on the education of our young people? An individual whose sole purpose in life is to lead an existence of unparalleled privilege at the expense of the Great British people.

There’s more rhetoric that requires answering. How can he have any idea how a modern comp motivates its pupils to achieve? The education that we have afforded his own children, biological and adopted, has no need to inspire ambition when a life of wanton excess is pretty much assured.

“Teenage dreams, so hard to beat”. – The Undertones, Teenage Kicks.

Dreams are what being young is all about, and more importantly it’s all that some young people have to live for. So what if kids from Chelmsford, Kieghly and South Shields dream about bettering themselves by singing in a pop group or by playing in the Champions League. Good luck to them. For an absurdly conservative Royal to suggest that they should ignore their dreams and accept their lot in the rat run is beyond belief.

So, Charles bloody combover Windsor. Go back to those minging organic oat biscuits and leave those kids alone.

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