The Go Team, Thunder, lightning, strike

Forget Keane and Snow Patrol and all that other do gooding Band Aidesque crap that your mum listens to. This little baby is where it’s at, okay. It has the sing a-long visual sex appeal of David Beckham celebrating an England goal, the sort that makes you leap around the front room on a Friday evening when nobody’s looking. I like that feeling of abandonment that stuff like this affords, in a sense it’s just a realisation of the fantasies we live out during the day.

I like also, the idea of this record being patched together in Jan & Eds basement, probably with deliciously lo-fi early Akai samplers based around an Atari sequencer. Unbalanced cables from Maplin, not enough plug sockets, samples from TDK 60’s. One take ‘girl next door’ vocals layered over recorders and samples – shouty pop meets breakbeat and harmonica heaven. Great.

The Go Team has reminded me why buying new music on CD is still as relevant in our lives now as it’s ever been. So it cost me eleven quid when I could have hogged the bandwidth at work and downloaded it for nothing, so what?
To a certain extent we’re all pinned down by the grind of daily life, with the avenues of commerce masquerading as entertainment adding to the misery. Sometimes though, a little gem rears its head to wake you up and remind that all is not lost. Here’s to positivity.

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