Question time my arse

I knew that Question time was going to wind me up last night but I had to watch it anyway. For some reason I thought that the party leaders facing questions from the public might be interesting – and how wrong I was!

The three leaders did what they do with a fair amount of expertise – lying, not answering questions and remaining resolutely smug. That surely is to be expected, so much so that their replies seemed to sprout forth on autopilot with a terrifying ease.

It’s the audience that I found myself shouting at, sitting on the edge of the sofa with my hands outstretched in disbelief. Almost exclusively middle class with a suitably proportionate number of ethnic minorities, and of course the token gesture prol who’ll be allowed to ask his little question.

The cause was lost from the moment that angry women told piety in a shrill Buckinghamshire accent, that her son couldn’t get a doctors appointment – No! Surely not! Son sat next to her looking like a suitably unhappy 12 year old, how embarrassing that he was actually a fully grown man in his twenties, have people no shame?

Then there was the woman who described George Bush as piety’s “Best mate”, again a really quite embarrassing moment for the audience exacerbated further by their inane wooping. Best mate? Hardly an worthy insult for such an illiterate fool. This is the language of people who say ‘Jolly’, ‘Folk’ or ‘Supper”.

Me me me! The furious student with £8,000 of debt, completely unable to comprehend the notion of other people not having to foot the bill for his education, terrified at the lack of exclusivity and privilege.

I can’t figure out whom I dislike most, Piety Blair or the sinister Michael Howard. One thing’s for sure though, it’s that closet Tory smart arsed student type, with their engrained and selfish middle England attitudes that infuriate me most.

Question time my arse.

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