They’re at it again!

They’re at it again! My back was turned for just five minutes, but that’s more than long enough for our beloved royal family to start living out more fantasies at the expense of others. And that’s not the financial expense one usual associates with royalty either.

I’m referring to the eternally smug William Windsor dressing up as a so called ‘Chav’. An episode which sees another member of the countries most dysfunctional family in an familiarly racist fancy dress.

It may just seem like the monarchy enjoying themselves like everyone else, and in doing so demonstrating how thoroughly modern they are, but there’s a more sinister side to proceedings. They like it camp, as I’ve said before. Egged on by tabloid hate and the BBC, the religion of choice for the embarrassing middle classes. Maybe William finds it funny, but the reality is an obscenely spoilt child openly celebrating an increasingly divided society, a divide of wealth and opportunity that is epitomised by his family and it’s sycophantic supporters.

What is most disappointing about this display of ignorance is that the much of the support for royalty comes from people from whom royalty deserve it least. To then stand by from a position of overwhelming priviliege and openly mock the society that you are supposed to represent displays a shocking cynicism.

It is telling in a number of ways. It displays a complete lack of understanding and a contemptuous disregard for those who choose to differ from the cultural ‘norm’ of The Daily Mail, The Sun / Times. And just like his equally foolish brother, William seems not only to believe in his untouchabilitly, but to embrace it with the inbred arrogance we’ve come to expect.

Future King? No, just another tedious graduate blessed with the sneering over confidence of the chattering fashionista.

So, King of Chavs? Not nearly sexy enough I’m afraid.

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