Obergurgl, a week in Austria

I’ve always said that Austria is one of my favourite countries in the world, I love the place. My mum says it’s all a bit toy town, but I’m not buying it. Just because it’s clean, safe and unervingly honest doesn’t necessarily make it a bad place to live. These maybe uncool qualities in modern… Continue reading Obergurgl, a week in Austria

Dordogne 2006

It’s not often that I really feel that I’ve managed to get away from things, and by that I mean forgetting about work, debt, Ashley Cole and all those other tedious inconveniences that blight my life on a daily basis. In the past decade for example, I can count on my hand the occasions when… Continue reading Dordogne 2006

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Armchair punditry

When it comes to football I consider myself to be an armchair pundit. By that I mean that my opinions are ill informed, outrageously positive and usually based on what I read on the back pages or pick up in pubs. The best thing about armchair punditry is that you never stop learning, there’s always… Continue reading Armchair punditry

David Beckham, homework and The Independent

There was an article in yesterday’s Independent about David Beckham admitting to not being able to do his six year old’s homework. A humbling and genuinely funny confession from someone who is obviously at ease with knowing where his calling in life lies. Which, thankfully for us, is not in academia. I wasn’t surprised by… Continue reading David Beckham, homework and The Independent

Torino 2006

The good thing about the Olympic games, is that when switching on the idiot box the chances are that there’s probably going to be something worth watching. This winter we have two weeks of sport to look forward to and I’m addicted to it already. It’s sports that we’re not used to seeing in this… Continue reading Torino 2006

Up the U’s!!

Colchester United beat Port Vale at the weekend to go top of League Division 1 – We are top of the league! We? It didn’t take long for the closet Col U fans to start worming their way out of the woodwork now that things are looking up at Layer Road did it? I can… Continue reading Up the U’s!!