1968: The year that rocked the world, Mark Kurlansky

I like the way that this book sounds, an historical text rewritten as a story by a journalist who has the ability to make anything sound interesting. The research involved is penetrating in the way that it picks up on personal points from eye witness accounts, this leaves the reader with a genuine sense of… Continue reading 1968: The year that rocked the world, Mark Kurlansky

Homage to Catalonia. by George Orwell

Homage to Catalonia is George Orwell’s fascinating account of his part in the Spanish civil war. In a strikingly honest manner it details his basic training (or lack of it!), various theatres of warfare and the underpinning political factions involved. Unsurprisingly it is the latter on which Orwell focuses attention, the political parties, splinter groups… Continue reading Homage to Catalonia. by George Orwell

Prince Edward. A pathetic, weedy individual

Today saw the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz. Lets think about what that means, the sheer scale that is six million people, the death, the terror, the hate. For all the wrong reasons the Holocaust is without doubt the most significant event of the last century, and like most people… Continue reading Prince Edward. A pathetic, weedy individual

Wicked holiday in Austria!

We spent last week skiing in both sunshine and snow in the fantastic Alpine resort of Soll, in Austria. Although Mandy and myself travelled alone we met Stuart, Mark and Sarah on the first night at what the Airtours reps described as, “A world famous Bar for complete nutters!”. Exactly, simply a snowy version of… Continue reading Wicked holiday in Austria!

Brussels for New Year

I’ve only really thought about Brussels as the much hated thorn in the side of the tabloid press. A perfect reason to visit the city for New Year. First and foremost there’s Eurostar, the king of trains that teases commuters in south London every morning of the week. It’s bigger, better looking and faster than… Continue reading Brussels for New Year


For Paul and Rickie’s seventies wedding I managed to find a smart black suit in a second hand shop on Hammersmith High Street. I was quite pleased with my buy, which is why I was a bit pissed off when it caught fire after I staggered onto one of those garden candles. You’ll find that… Continue reading Denmark


Really knackered after yesterdays marathon drinking session in Melby, Denmark. Paul and Rickie’s 70s wedding proved to be a really good party, everyone had a really good time and of course, got staggeringly pissed. The flight with Easy Jet was an absolute nightmare, I’m starting to wonder whether the genuinely horrible ordeal of their flights… Continue reading Kobenhaven

A Tale of Two Cities

Okay, now for some reason I’ve never really been into proper classic books or old literature or whatever the right name is for it. Maybe because I was in the wrong set for English at my distinctly average suburban comp, or maybe because the front covers of Dick Francis and Douglas Reeman seemed an easier… Continue reading A Tale of Two Cities