Fly the flag

I was sat on the Train from Cambridge to Liverpool Street the other day, a journey memorable for two reasons. Firstly for being verbally harassed by an incredibly drunk, and fairly amusing Italian bloke who was gagging for a fag. “May I have a lighter my friend?” , “No mate….. you can’t smoke on this… Continue reading Fly the flag

No war on Iraq

George Bush Juniors outrageously selfish approach to the Kyoto Treaty was only the start, if you like, just testing the water of political confrontation on an international level before jumping in with blind ignorance. Now it seems we have arrived at that point where his unpleasant small persons syndrome ceases to be just aggravating and… Continue reading No war on Iraq

Embrace, The Good Will Out

Id seen Embrace play their first single ‘All you good good people’ on Top of the pops and had been really into it, just exited you know? The buzzing feelgood factor that comes from hearing something so swaggeringly enormous right from the start. The realistic nervousness of Danny McNamara’s vocals combined with huge strings usually… Continue reading Embrace, The Good Will Out