The future of this country

Phrases come and go in the inevitable manner that denim will change its shape and colour – Bleached, pockets, stonewashed, ripped, baggy, tight, ripped again, boot cut ect. At last we seem to being seeing the back of the much loved ‘Whatever’, a term thought to show a complete lack of interest in the coolest… Continue reading The future of this country

BBC Last night of the BNP

Yesterday two completely different audiences watched two aspects of our country highlighting the enormous prevailing gap in our increasingly polarised society. Last night of the proms provided a group of hopelessly misguided, and without meaning to sound to bitchy, universally ugly white middle England types with the annual opportunity for gratuitous flag waving. The celebrating… Continue reading BBC Last night of the BNP

War is not heroic

Do you ever get the feeling that war has somehow become acceptable part of western life? This got me thinking the other day, dangerous as that might be, about where the horrific violence of war gained itself such a good reputation. Maybe it was World War 2, the clean cut epic struggle of good against… Continue reading War is not heroic

Pauls stag night

It was my cousin Paul’s stag night last weekend in Bournemouth, me Ben and Chris decided to camp at a site near Poole both to save money and show off our latest camping gadgets. Chris has a superb frame tent, freestanding cooker with grill, additional gas hob, sturdy aluminium table, chairs and various different lamps… Continue reading Pauls stag night

Greed and relativity

A person can become saturated with their own greed, it’s the point where the interest in private wealth is lost and its RELATIVITY is increased by keeping the resources of those around them to an absolute minimum. Then instead of a finite figure prosperity can be measured in terms of a ratio, which has a… Continue reading Greed and relativity