Fake confusion

It annoys me when people fake confusion when you’re trying to explain something to them. Looking at you like you’re from a different planet whilst repeating back to you what you’ve just asked, slowly. Managers are past masters at faking confusion, it’s something they learn at those high five motivational seminars. The fake confusion that… Continue reading Fake confusion

Smug London Parents

Imagine this scene. Myself and Mandy, enjoying a nice Sunday afternoon pint outside a pub before moving on to a friends house for a BBQ. The sun is shining and we’re passing the time by talking about how much money we wouldn’t give our families if we came in on the Premium Bonds. That was… Continue reading Smug London Parents

British jobs for British workers? I don’t think so.

The expression ‘British jobs for British workers’ is quite simply laughable. The biggest hole in the current argument involving contractors at the Lindsey Oil Refinery in North Lincolnshire is that they are not British jobs at all, in fact they are French. French jobs that have been won, fair and square, by an Italian contractor… Continue reading British jobs for British workers? I don’t think so.

Modern Dialog

When I’m at work or in public and someone makes a particularly cutting or unnecessary comment, I never know what to say. More often than not I think of a hilarious reply whilst walking home later, but by then it’s too late. There’s a name for this scenario but I don’t know what it’s called,… Continue reading Modern Dialog