Grab a coffee 2 go

The trainee gamekeeper on the 8:52 had in her hand what has become the scourge of London in the 21st century. The takeaway coffee cup. ‘Grab a coffee 2 go’ is the latest fast food American craze to arrive at our shores, and it is commuter types driven by sheer boredom to faddism, that are… Continue reading Grab a coffee 2 go

Undercover gamekeeper

The person opposite on this morning’s 8:52 service to Victoria is wearing one of those tweed jackets favoured by gamekeepers and the country set. I see quite a lot of commuters wearing or carrying things to work that point to a life outside of their chosen vocation. First impressions might give that commuters are bred… Continue reading Undercover gamekeeper

The Breeders, Blackheath Halls

Blackheath Halls has the familiar feeling of the suburban village hall – cheap biscuits and mellow birds at the coffee morning, Cub Scouts on a Wednesday evening, the PTA do on a Saturday with the covers band that no longer plays Gary Glitter. Okay, it’s a little more upmarket than those familiar and safe smells… Continue reading The Breeders, Blackheath Halls

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Sheep man on the Underground

On the way home from work last night there was a Scandinavian couple at Victoria, I helped her up the stairs with the pushchair and an Underground bloke helped him with the luggage. Helping tourists at Victoria is something that I do on a daily basis and a pattern has emerged. The Japanese, always polite… Continue reading Sheep man on the Underground

Rabbit and Guinea Pig

So there I am, sat on the train on the way home from work reading and basically minding my own business. A bloke sits down opposite wearing a short sleeved shirt with epaulettes, like an off duty copper although he’s not because of the grey sports socks similar to mine. He’s playing with an international… Continue reading Rabbit and Guinea Pig

Push pigs at Ikea

I was utterly amazed on waking to the news this morning that people had spent hours queuing outside the new Ikea in Edmonton for the opening at midnight, not only that, but six of them where actually taken to hospital with heat exhaustion and crush injuries! Are people really willing to subject themselves to this… Continue reading Push pigs at Ikea