The Local Pub

The last twenty years has seen a notable decline of local pubs in Great Britain. Whether it be to property developers, corporate pub chains or anyone else desperate to make money out of these sacred places, the local boozer is dying. There’s certain inevitability about this trend. The demise of communities, the arrival of more… Continue reading The Local Pub

Veneer of the week

We went round our friends Becky and Roger last night, they live north of the river in Turnpike Lane, a world of proper kebab houses and gigantic pubs. It was a great evening of lager, Champagne and Wild Boar sausages, topped off by a nice little drive around the North Circular. Mandy does all the… Continue reading Veneer of the week

The 4 O’clock bar

There comes a point in a mans life when he has to take responsibility for his own actions, put the past behind him and start thinking for himself. For most people this change usually occurs between the ages of 18 and 25, a time when the heady excess of youth gives way to a more… Continue reading The 4 O’clock bar