I hope protesters ruin the Olympics for the Chinese

The most depressing sight of the Olympic torch making its way through London on Sunday was those figures decked out in the blue and white shell suits. Having swapped tunics for disguises from JJB, the two lines of identical Chinese ‘Officials’ pushed and shoved their way passed anything that stood in their path. The ‘Officials’… Continue reading I hope protesters ruin the Olympics for the Chinese

Conservatism is easy

It’s always been easy, conservatism. Not much thought has ever been required to identify with its principles, policies or morality. The way that almost everything can be simplified into channels of right and wrong provides a tempting path for those wishing to easily convince themselves of their fortitude. There’s plenty of company too, family, friends… Continue reading Conservatism is easy

Industrial action is all any of you deserve

There are things in life that your ‘average bloke in the street’, so we are constantly reminded, is supposed to consider morally unacceptable. They range from wife beating to socialism, and from insulting Princess Diana (The Queen of our hearts) to supporting Arsenal. Elements of human nature, both intentional or unavoidable, that don’t bode well… Continue reading Industrial action is all any of you deserve

Sgt Steve Roberts

I was thinking about Sgt Steve Roberts this morning, the soldier from the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment who died in Iraq because he didn’t have body armour to protect him. What upsets me most about his death is the waste involved, his life was simply squandered due to a lack of resources. He didn’t die… Continue reading Sgt Steve Roberts

Veneer of the week

We went round our friends Becky and Roger last night, they live north of the river in Turnpike Lane, a world of proper kebab houses and gigantic pubs. It was a great evening of lager, Champagne and Wild Boar sausages, topped off by a nice little drive around the North Circular. Mandy does all the… Continue reading Veneer of the week