Shoot yourself, Dick

My heart bled this morning as I read a newspaper article about Dick Cheney accidentally shooting a friend during a Quail hunting trip. Apparently it was one of the worst days of his life, and that he will never forget the image of his friend falling to the ground. Poor Dick, what a dreadful experience,… Continue reading Shoot yourself, Dick

Religion in politics

“Today, millions of Americans are saddened by the death of Terri Schiavo. The essence of civilization is that the strong have a duty to protect the weak. In cases where there are serious doubts and questions, the presumption should be in favour of life.” – President George W Bush. Fine words coming from a man… Continue reading Religion in politics

1968: The year that rocked the world, Mark Kurlansky

I like the way that this book sounds, an historical text rewritten as a story by a journalist who has the ability to make anything sound interesting. The research involved is penetrating in the way that it picks up on personal points from eye witness accounts, this leaves the reader with a genuine sense of… Continue reading 1968: The year that rocked the world, Mark Kurlansky