Piety, What is it that you dislike about the Army?

Piety, you just couldn-t resist that slot on last nights 10 O’clock news could you? A prime opportunity for some of that anal seepage style smug sincerity that has won you two elections and probably the next. The scripted rhetoric must have taken the duty spinmiester all of five minutes, probably over a mobile phone… Continue reading Piety, What is it that you dislike about the Army?

Cans of Lager

Cans of lager (550 ml) are like some sort of canister that fits into a machine or weapon. Replenishment for a photocopier for example, or even a handy unit of fuel that a gas burner screws into. They stack neatly in the fridge and keep for years, they can be consumed easily on all methods… Continue reading Cans of Lager

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Stories about mobiles that make me laugh

My brother Chris Emailed this to me this morning: Stories about mobiles that make me laugh. Following a flight, everyone turns their phones back on whilst on the shuttle bus to the terminal. Then we have a chorus of text messages arriving “beep-beep!””be””beep-beep!””beep-beep!”. Then watch the look on someone’s face. “I’m abroad, in a foreign… Continue reading Stories about mobiles that make me laugh

Three minute silence?

Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of a period of collective thought, a moment to reflect on recent catastrophic events, It’s just that the whole three minutes silence thing is a bit too arbitrary. For instance, we had a silence after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, but not for the earthquake in Iran last… Continue reading Three minute silence?

Litter on the Underground

Sometimes the wooden floors on the District line are sanded down giving a stripped pine effect more at home in the kitchen at River Cottage. Last night on they way home the bleached unvarnished wood beneath my feet contrasted innocently against the surrounding urban filth. So much so that I took a photo with my… Continue reading Litter on the Underground

Ice cream vans

There’s a scrap yard on the other side of the tracks at New Cross Gate station. Even during the summer months it always seems a wet and oily place with an overhanging sense of ‘End’ about it. It’s guarded by a big German Sheppard, or it could be an Alsatian, who wonders around trying to… Continue reading Ice cream vans

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Keep it coming Charles

The thing is, I should be angry about Prince Charles’s outrageously old fashioned comments. The more I think about it however, the more I realise he’s actually doing the republican cause a massive favour. This is the same single reason that I believe the BNP shouldn’t be silenced; as long as their lumpen ignorance is… Continue reading Keep it coming Charles