Mark Thatcher: Greedy scum

Let’s get this straight: Mark Thatcher has admitted bankrolling mercenaries involved with a plot to overthrow the government in Equatorial Guinea – but thought the money was going to be used to buy an air ambulance. Funnily enough, I don’t believe him. Anyone who knows the slightest thing about the Thatcher family will tell you… Continue reading Mark Thatcher: Greedy scum

Piety Bliar is stuck for words

In keeping with his spineless character, Piety Blair is keeping his gob well and truly shut over the US Presidential election. He has quite rightly faced criticism from John Kerry on his lack of support for the Democrats, a party which Labour should instinctively support. Piety has manoeuvred himself into an awkward position in not… Continue reading Piety Bliar is stuck for words

War is not heroic

Do you ever get the feeling that war has somehow become acceptable part of western life? This got me thinking the other day, dangerous as that might be, about where the horrific violence of war gained itself such a good reputation. Maybe it was World War 2, the clean cut epic struggle of good against… Continue reading War is not heroic

Private Lee O’Callaghan

Private Lee O’Callaghan is the 63rd British soldier to die in Iraq since the conflict began. His picture stared out at me from the front pages of the Metro, a face full of hope as well as the cynicism and sense of humour that makes the British Army what it is. As usual in reporting… Continue reading Private Lee O’Callaghan

Fahrenheit 911

This fantastic documentary by Michael Moore exposes the creepy links between grotesque Bush family, and the equally repugnant House of Saud / Bin Laden. It pretty much reinforces what we knew already whilst also including elements of Stupid White Men where applicable. From start to finish the emotional rollercoster swings between hilarious captions of Bush… Continue reading Fahrenheit 911

Godspeed You Black Emperor,Yanqui U.X.O (2002 / Constellation)

Yanqui U.X.O is the bands second proper album and was recorded by the legendary Steve Albini in Chicago. The record centres around a common theme of destruction from the air, the sleeve notes inform that UXO means ‘Unexploded Ordnance’, landmines, cluster bombs and other niceties. With war looming on the horizon the whole thing seems… Continue reading Godspeed You Black Emperor,Yanqui U.X.O (2002 / Constellation)