Conservatism is easy

It’s always been easy, conservatism. Not much thought has ever been required to identify with its principles, policies or morality. The way that almost everything can be simplified into channels of right and wrong provides a tempting path for those wishing to easily convince themselves of their fortitude. There’s plenty of company too, family, friends… Continue reading Conservatism is easy

David Beckham, homework and The Independent

There was an article in yesterday’s Independent about David Beckham admitting to not being able to do his six year old’s homework. A humbling and genuinely funny confession from someone who is obviously at ease with knowing where his calling in life lies. Which, thankfully for us, is not in academia. I wasn’t surprised by… Continue reading David Beckham, homework and The Independent

Did you get a deal?

Quite often, when I tell someone that I’ve brought something or that I’ve booked a holiday the first question that comes back is, “Did you get a deal?”. Getting a good deal now seems to take precedence over choice, quality and availability of any purchase, whether it be a house or a weekend in Vienna… Continue reading Did you get a deal?

Whale in the Thames

I arrived back from holiday on Saturday to the headline, “Celebrity Big Blubber”, and despite my dislike of The Sun you have to give credit for a good headline where it’s due. I immediately got on the phone to my brother to fantasise about the most ridiculously politically incorrect solution to the problem of whales… Continue reading Whale in the Thames