Crowe in cuffs!!

I brought the Daily Mirror yesterday simply because I liked the picture of Russell Crowe in Handcuffs on the front cover. He was sporting cool shades, and a slightly pissed off look that had about it a certain amount of inevitability. I’m taken with the idea of people not being able to change what is… Continue reading Crowe in cuffs!!

New Labour is right to treat the media with contempt

A lot has been made of the way in which New Labour controls the media so as to present itself in a favourable manner. There are two reasons why I think this is entirely justified. Firstly, in an age of electronic communication where images can be flashed around the globe in seconds, appearance is vitally… Continue reading New Labour is right to treat the media with contempt

The Army are not to blame

The humiliating treatment handed out to Iraqi prisoners of war by a handful of British soldiers last year was, and still is, a shameful disgrace. There are no two ways to look at the final result, it’s embarrassing and potentially dangerous for both Great Britain and the British Army. That’s even before we even get… Continue reading The Army are not to blame